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Reuben Singh Family Office

The Reuben Singh Family Office has been established to manage the affairs of the Singh Family preserving and investing the wealth of today for a more successful tomorrow.
Under the guidance of the Principle, Reuben Singh, the Family Office consists of a number of specially chosen advisors and managers to manage the activities of the Family.

The strategic planning of the affairs of the Office are discussed & agreed with the Principle with active involvement from members of the Family.

Our Family Office team are responsible for the Family wealth preservation & wealth creation opportunities presented to the family. The Office also over sees the general life style, social, cultural & private investments of the family whilst keeping in close proximity to the developments of all the companies in which the family are stakeholders.

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“The Future depends on what we do in the Present”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Family Values

The family office has been established on the strong family values of the Singh Family, values that are built on tradition, culture, humility & hard work. The family has always valued the advice of professionals and those that have been close to them. We are seeking to formalise these values in the establishment of the Family Office.

In preserving the Family values, the Office holds a long term strategy of risk averse financial management allowing the entrepreneurial activities to take place in the various companies owned & operated by the Family.


The Office has been established to follow the vision of the Principle. A vision of diversification. Diversification in everything the Family does both commercially & personally. A vision of long term sustainability of wealth and building a robust foundation for the next generation of the Family. A vision which sees all the family involved in a wide range of both commercial, social and charitable activities.

The Family Office has a vision focussed on activities primarily in the UK but plans to broaden this over time into North America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East & the Far East. A vision that ultimately shall see diversification both in size, sectors, and geography of the Family’s interests.

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“Do something today that your future self will thank you for”


The Reuben Singh Family Office was established when the future of the 2nd generation of the British born family members began to consume the time of the Principle and other members of the Family. Acknowledging that the future young generation should not be shackled into following in paths laid out by their elders the Principle recognised the need to lay the foundations for them to be free to chose their paths with a lesser need to think of the financial aspects of this.

The freedom for the next generation to chose their path of Medicine, Law, Entrepreneurship, Philanthropy, Finance to name but a few should be the gift given to them by the Principle.

The Family Office was established in the UK at the Manchester Business Park owned by the Family. Since its establishment the Office has slowly undertaken more and more family activities and has diversified in its remit.

“Your past doesn’t have to define your future”

Reuben Singh

Our Principle

The Reuben Singh Family Office was established by Reuben Singh, a British Born Asian Entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 17. Like all Entrepreneurs he has experienced both business success & failure over his 22 years of being in business. The risk taking challenges in business resulting in potential profit or loss in unpredictable circumstances is the reason why the Family Office was established.